Stonefly Hatch UPDATE
May 13, 2015
Nate Turner
The BIG BUGS are everywhere! From Warm Springs to Mack's Canyon, fly anglers on the Lower Deschutes are experiencing the thrill of watching fat-bellied redsides sipping, gulping and slashing at adult stoneflies as they flutter to the surface trying to lay eggs. It is truly the 'egg-laying'... Read more
Swinging into Fall!
September 29, 2014
Nate Turner
 FALL IS HERE! Piles of leaves in the yard, kids back in school, cool mornings and warm afternoons.... what a great time of year!  Fishing on the Lower Deschutes has been solid over the last few weeks.  Thanks to lower water temperatures coming out of the dam and plenty of... Read more
April 2, 2014
Matt Carter
Matt Carter Read more
Hitting the Big Time!
February 10, 2014
Mike Boyd
Matt had the amazing opportunity to travel and guide in Mongolia last September. If you shared a boat with him this fall, I'm sure you heard some of the exploits. He was on a definite Taimen fishing stoke. Well his travels paid off in not only an epic experience in a wild and mystical land of... Read more
Black Friday, check it out
November 29, 2013
Mike Boyd
Black Friday and all the madness is here.  This was sent around by Patagonia, it is an interesting take on wanting and needing. Check it out, interesting take from a huge retailer. Keep it simple, get outside, fish, float, ski, bike, enjoy what is around us. A lot of place to make... Read more
Deschutes Menu
May 2, 2013
Mike Boyd
I have always been drawn to sports and activities that tie in you into the landscape and the ebb and flow of nature and the seasons. It grounds me for starters and I feel more in tune. An active participant of nature instead of passive bystander. All fluff aside, really it gives me... Read more
Phase Two of Trip
October 6, 2012
Mike Boyd
In "Great Trips Volume 1", I mentioned we did a leg on the North Umpqua. That place is magic. I am bais to the Deschutes don't get me wrong, but that place is a must see for all lovers of rivers and especially steelhead. Want a great trip and the full buffet? Do a day ot two down there... Read more
Great Trips Volume 1
September 28, 2012
Mike Boyd
What makes this job great? Being outside immersed in nature is a plus. Sleeping under the stars, sunrises, and killer sunsets is a nice touch to our office and sure beats those normal officey "inspirational " posters. Chasing trout and steelhead and watching people smile big when... Read more
August 5, 2012
Mike Boyd
I needed to clear my head and get a change of venue. Out of the land of sage, juniper, and basically run away from “home”. It seems when there is a therapeutic calling it involves water. Something about it, whether it is a river, a lake, or the ocean. Maybe it is the Aquarius coming... Read more
Help Wild North Umpqua Winter Steelhead
July 9, 2012
Mike Boyd
It was brought to my attention that it looks like there is some movement to try and reverse the regs on "no kill" on the North Umpqua for winter steelhead and even potentially the Main Stem. The 1 a day and 5 a season was removed a few years back and it went to a no kill on wild steelhead... Read more