May 27, 2017- If you haven't been on the Deschutes in the last week or so, NOW is the time. Although the stoneflies showed up on time in early May, it took a while for the weather to warm up and get them flying. Last week brought some hot temps to the canyon and put the big bugs into flight mode, which finally stirred up some serious action with the fish. We are finally retiring the bobber rods for a while and even snipping the little dropper flies off of the big dry flies. Down and dirty, bow-and-arrow jungle fishing is the name of the game and we couldn't be more excited. This is when the biggest resident trout of our season show up to play. Give us a call and get down here!


Fall colors in northern
October 3, 2010
I sit around all year and wait for this time of year. Sure, I try to fill the summer with smallies and maybe a trip to Canada for walleye, but what I'm really waiting for is for the leaves to turn, the water to cool, and the chrome to start heading up the river. There's nothing quite like... Read more
Skaters + Steelhead = Awesome
September 17, 2010
Mike Boyd
Skaters + Steelhead = Rad   A lot has been written about the “drug is in the Tug” and the Zen/ mystique of steelhead to the point of cliché. I guess I’ll add to the fodder. But, there IS something there that is unbelievable. As I was on the North Umpqua... Read more
September 16, 2010
Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and relax when you visit a river you normally fish. Especially if you have a cute young lady in the bow of the canoe! I recently paddled a section of a popular river nearby....without a rod along. It was tough not to throw the fly rod in the rig before... Read more
Canada fly-in fishing
September 1, 2010
When the fishing gets slow where you are, the best thing to do is get out. That's just what I did a couple weeks ago when myself and five others did a fly-in fishing trip to northern Ontario. This was pretty much your standard Canada trip with plenty of hungry, willing walleyes to grab your twister... Read more
Fire Update
August 27, 2010
Mike Boyd
  It was a little wild here last week.  Fires down low, fires up on top running down into the canyon. Closures, floaters trapped,  a real interesting week. We where going to float down low and chase steelhead 19-21st and changed plans based on the fires around Lockit.... Read more
Steelhead Gods Smile
August 10, 2010
Mike Boyd
 So I was heading home and my truck just decided it should go the long way and next thing I knew I was with my three and a half year old and DRO guide, Matt Carter, on the North Umpqua.  What a shock!  Now I love the Deschutes, don't get me wrong, but the North Ump has to be one... Read more
Internet Scam!??!
August 10, 2010
Mike Boyd
As far as guiding goes, on most days we focus on what opportunities and memories we provide for clients. Their biggest trout ever. First trout. First steelhead, and maybe, cross your fingers, most steelhead ever in one day. A day away from the grind and a break from the cubicle. Like... Read more
Water Temps vs. Steelhead...
July 23, 2010
Mike Boyd
 Alright,  so word is out that so far the numbers coming over Bonneville and the Dalles dam are up, even above last year.  That is some fantastic news for anyone who chases these awesome sea run rainbows. Fingers crossed this trend continues and we end up with the... Read more
A Break From the "D"itch
July 3, 2010
Mike Boyd
 There is nothing like holding a little cork yourself and a change of venue to fuel the fires.  It doesn't need a lot of stoking mind you, any excuse to fish is a good one.  This excuse was hanging with the little guy.  I had to make sure he remembered Pa's face after being gone... Read more
Matt goes Bow Hunting
June 25, 2010
Mike Boyd
 A cool clip a client sent from a trip with Matt not too long ago.  A great send off to the Salmon fly hatch.  That sneaky Matt, bow hunting for trout. Thanks Nappy for putting it together and letting us post it. Read more
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  • May 27th, 2017
    Mostly sunny
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    Fishing: Excellent
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    Partly cloudy
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