September 2010
Skaters + Steelhead = Awesome
September 17, 2010
Mike Boyd
Skaters + Steelhead = Rad   A lot has been written about the “drug is in the Tug” and the Zen/ mystique of steelhead to the point of cliché. I guess I’ll add to the fodder. But, there IS something there that is unbelievable. As I was on the North Umpqua... Read more
September 16, 2010
Sometimes it's nice to just kick back and relax when you visit a river you normally fish. Especially if you have a cute young lady in the bow of the canoe! I recently paddled a section of a popular river nearby....without a rod along. It was tough not to throw the fly rod in the rig before... Read more
Canada fly-in fishing
September 1, 2010
When the fishing gets slow where you are, the best thing to do is get out. That's just what I did a couple weeks ago when myself and five others did a fly-in fishing trip to northern Ontario. This was pretty much your standard Canada trip with plenty of hungry, willing walleyes to grab your twister... Read more