January 2011
NFS E- Newsletter
January 21, 2011
Mike Boyd
Alright, a little heavy on the NFS happenings as of late I know. But, here's the latest Newsletter with some goings-ons.  They are truly a dedicated group to the preservation of wild fish.  If you are wondering about a group to support that has a heavy OR presences, this is a good... Read more
Eye Candy For Day Dreamers
January 18, 2011
Bryan Huskey
 There is one single reason I always bring a camera wherever I go; I don't get out enough. So taking lots of photos enables me to extend my trips. Maybe not in the flesh but certainly in the colorful world of day dreams.  I'm a big fan of using inferior tools to achieve standard or... Read more
Great Summary of Changes
January 14, 2011
Mike Boyd
 I was trolling around on the Native Fish Society's website and came across this little gem.  By the way, lots of great reports and posts on that site if you are into keeping up with what is going on in the world of Northwest fisheries.   The one I found is a little dated, it came... Read more
Screening of "Awakening the Skeena"
January 11, 2011
Mike Boyd
 If your looking for something to help fight cabin fever, the Native Fish Society sent this around in regards to a screening of a film on the Skeena.  Should be a good time. If the Native Fish Society is helping promote, I'd wager it is wort checking out for more info about the... Read more
PGE Hard At It
January 6, 2011
Mike Boyd
It is always worth dropping in on this site (well thanks for stopping at "this" one but I mean this one) from time to time.  This will be the first full year (I believe) that the "Tube" for the Deschutes Fish Passage plan has been in place and operating.  Starting last... Read more