Phase Two of Trip
October 6, 2012
Mike Boyd
In "Great Trips Volume 1", I mentioned we did a leg on the North Umpqua. That place is magic. I am bais to the Deschutes don't get me wrong, but that place is a must see for all lovers of rivers and especially steelhead. Want a great trip and the full buffet? Do a day ot two down there... Read more
August 5, 2012
Mike Boyd
I needed to clear my head and get a change of venue. Out of the land of sage, juniper, and basically run away from “home”. It seems when there is a therapeutic calling it involves water. Something about it, whether it is a river, a lake, or the ocean. Maybe it is the Aquarius coming... Read more
Haiku and Bob Ross
June 18, 2012
Mike Boyd
Alright, maybe I'm getting a little soft. The trip the other day was a blast. Old clients that are a hoot to fish with.  Super fun to fish with. Jon stated the night before "touch base" phone call with a sense of humor. I started "hey Jon, just touchin base for... Read more
Sharks Trump Snakes
June 13, 2012
Mike Boyd
Sharks Trump Snakes By: Mike Boyd I think I seem some ducks out there “What are those”?  A black object juts out of the water followed by another.   “Must be some diving bird like a cormorant, or a mergy.” I reply.   Nope, guess again mainland haole... Read more
Filling up the Stoke Tank
May 13, 2012
Mike Boyd
It it not too often I am on the other end of the stick as far as being guided or going on a destination trip. Normally I'm the one that is the destination and doing the pointing and instructing, not holding the cork.  All a different game. It is hard to make the  cast under pressure on... Read more
Thanks for the Great Trip
October 14, 2011
Mike Boyd
Thought I'd share these great photos from a super fun Fall trip with Matt and Steve.  Fall on the Deschutes is awesome, the perfect time to pick your poison, trout or steel and just go fishing and let the chips fall.  Trout fishing, since they have been a little off the radar was... Read more
Great Photos..Great Trips
September 16, 2011
Mike Boyd
A  friend and steelhead fisher (junky), photographer, writer and hosted steelhead travel guru, Jeff Bright just passed along a slide show from a November trip we did.  His photos capture the whole steelhead experience.  If you have some time at work to kill, take a stroll. They... Read more
Less Stumbling
July 11, 2011
Mike Boyd
I already miss my felt boots.  Last fall I went to the rubber bottom boots. I was skeptical from the start, but with the possibility of felt being banned I figured I should start to get used to them and if it helped I should do my part. The skepticism was a reality. First you had to put as... Read more
Steelhead Road Trip....the gamble
March 30, 2011
Matt Carter
All Road trips are a gamble. Steelhead road trips are a bigger gamble. Watching river levels, guessing river levels and debating how much to trust a weather report, plus factor in the drive time to how much it can change by the time you show up with rod and enthusiam in hand and that is an equation... Read more
One Tough Fishery
February 24, 2011
Mike Boyd
I could feel the sweat building, my heart was pounding. I had to produce. My reputation was on the line. My son’s expectations and respect was laid out on a silver platter. This was going to be one tough fishery…and only 10 minutes. Chips are down and I have to go all in.... Read more