Deschutes Steelhead
Swinging into Fall!
September 29, 2014
Nate Turner
 FALL IS HERE! Piles of leaves in the yard, kids back in school, cool mornings and warm afternoons.... what a great time of year!  Fishing on the Lower Deschutes has been solid over the last few weeks.  Thanks to lower water temperatures coming out of the dam and plenty of... Read more
Great Trips Volume 1
September 28, 2012
Mike Boyd
What makes this job great? Being outside immersed in nature is a plus. Sleeping under the stars, sunrises, and killer sunsets is a nice touch to our office and sure beats those normal officey "inspirational " posters. Chasing trout and steelhead and watching people smile big when... Read more
Tubes are Infinitely Adjustable= Chromers
December 14, 2011
Mike Boyd
Tubes are Infinitely Adjustable = Chromers On December 13th, 2011 by Mike Boyd A little trim provides the confidence to catch this one. One of the things I have really dug about tubes is their versatility. A handful of tubes, a spool of Maxima, some Octopus hooks shove them into... Read more
Turkey Day Report
December 9, 2011
Mike Boyd
Thanks for a great Turkey day trip and a great Blog post Thuy! December weather is looking not too shabby?! Couple extra layers and lets go!  It is going to be a while for Deschutes Steelhead. Thanks again Thuy Bombing the Bantam. Holding the Wild.   By Thuy T.... Read more
December 1, 2011
Mike Boyd
Confidence On November 22nd, 2011 by Mike Boyd Another notch for the Bantam In the game of anadronmous chasing confidence is key.  Confidence in the water you step in, the set up and most importantly the fly. The steelhead fly, more a blend of mysticism and mojo than hard... Read more
PGE Water Temp Q & A
August 18, 2011
Mike Boyd
Direct from PGE site, cut and paste... Questions and answers on Deschutes water temperatures July 29th, 2011 The selective water withdrawal facility is now in its second year of operation, and we’re getting questions about how we’re managing water temperatures in the... Read more
Skaters + Steelhead = Awesome
September 17, 2010
Mike Boyd
Skaters + Steelhead = Rad   A lot has been written about the “drug is in the Tug” and the Zen/ mystique of steelhead to the point of cliché. I guess I’ll add to the fodder. But, there IS something there that is unbelievable. As I was on the North Umpqua... Read more
Water Temps vs. Steelhead...
July 23, 2010
Mike Boyd
 Alright,  so word is out that so far the numbers coming over Bonneville and the Dalles dam are up, even above last year.  That is some fantastic news for anyone who chases these awesome sea run rainbows. Fingers crossed this trend continues and we end up with the... Read more