April 2, 2014
Matt Carter
Matt Carter Read more
Black Friday, check it out
November 29, 2013
Mike Boyd
Black Friday and all the madness is here.  This was sent around by Patagonia, it is an interesting take on wanting and needing. Check it out, interesting take from a huge retailer. Keep it simple, get outside, fish, float, ski, bike, enjoy what is around us. A lot of place to make... Read more
Help Wild North Umpqua Winter Steelhead
July 9, 2012
Mike Boyd
It was brought to my attention that it looks like there is some movement to try and reverse the regs on "no kill" on the North Umpqua for winter steelhead and even potentially the Main Stem. The 1 a day and 5 a season was removed a few years back and it went to a no kill on wild steelhead... Read more
NFS Quarterly "Strong Runs"
March 18, 2012
Mike Boyd
The Native Fish Society is on the fore front of standing up for the wild fish we revere.  Here is their most recent quarterly. Some good stuff in there to check out. Click and check it out. Read more
Deschutes Passage News
March 4, 2012
Mike Boyd
Another update from PGE and happenings for fish passage on the Deschutes. A lot going on. « 2011 a historic year for Deschutes fish passage Adult salmon and steelhead to be passed above Deschutes River dams in 2012 March 2nd, 2012 The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and... Read more
Fish Passage 2011 in Review
February 7, 2012
Mike Boyd
Here's 2011 in Review from PGE 2011 a historic year for Deschutes fish passage November 23rd, 2011 There are just a few weeks left in 2011, so here?s a year-end wrap up on downstream fish passage: We had some exciting and historic milestones this year when fry planted upstream of Pelton... Read more
Glimmer of Hope
June 19, 2011
Mike Boyd
Another PGE post.  Guess there could be a silver lining. Neat story about some salmon success on the Deschutes.  Hope this works. There is a lot riding on it.  Come on wild steelhead......... Salmon Story Read more
More PGE Managemnet Updates
June 19, 2011
Mike Boyd
Here is a quick hit on Dam/ Water Management updates. Some a little dated. Sorry we where on the "ditch" living it as they where doing it. Has fished well, let's hope it continues into caddis.  Keep yourself updated. PGE News Read more
Want to Help the Deschutes?
May 10, 2011
Mike Boyd
This showed up from NFS, here is a chance to give back to the river and help out. Unfortunately we are on a trip and out harrassing fish. Might be a fun time. Check out Native Fish Society Deschutes Volunteers Needed! Read more
NFS E- Newsletter
January 21, 2011
Mike Boyd
Alright, a little heavy on the NFS happenings as of late I know. But, here's the latest Newsletter with some goings-ons.  They are truly a dedicated group to the preservation of wild fish.  If you are wondering about a group to support that has a heavy OR presences, this is a good... Read more