May 27, 2017- If you haven't been on the Deschutes in the last week or so, NOW is the time. Although the stoneflies showed up on time in early May, it took a while for the weather to warm up and get them flying. Last week brought some hot temps to the canyon and put the big bugs into flight mode, which finally stirred up some serious action with the fish. We are finally retiring the bobber rods for a while and even snipping the little dropper flies off of the big dry flies. Down and dirty, bow-and-arrow jungle fishing is the name of the game and we couldn't be more excited. This is when the biggest resident trout of our season show up to play. Give us a call and get down here!


Hitting the Big Time!
February 10, 2014
Mike Boyd
Matt had the amazing opportunity to travel and guide in Mongolia last September. If you shared a boat with him this fall, I'm sure you heard some of the exploits. He was on a definite Taimen fishing stoke. Well his travels paid off in not only an epic experience in a wild and mystical land of... Read more
Pre Season Mental Preparation
May 8, 2012
Mike Boyd
As much fun as the Deschutes Trout and Steelhead season is, and as rewarding( if slightly sadistic) as winter steelheading can be once it all comes together, the salt and the finned critters in the brine rip.  I was so very fortunate to get a little island hopping and flats stalking to... Read more
Fire Update Trout Creek /South Junction
August 28, 2011
Mike Boyd
8/28/11 Update - Attention Boaters: Due to fire activity from the Razorback Fire, the South Junction and Trout Creek Campgrounds along the Lower Deschutes River were evacuated August 27, 2011. These campgrounds remain closed for overnight camping. Boaters can still launch at Trout Creek;... Read more
Fires on Lower River
August 28, 2011
Mike Boyd
Jsut got an email from the BLM in regards to some fires that started the other night due to lightning. Here is a copy of the memo. If we hear more we'll let you know.  Mike Background   On August 24, 2011 a lightning storm passed through much of Central and Eastern Oregon... Read more
Screening of "Awakening the Skeena"
January 11, 2011
Mike Boyd
 If your looking for something to help fight cabin fever, the Native Fish Society sent this around in regards to a screening of a film on the Skeena.  Should be a good time. If the Native Fish Society is helping promote, I'd wager it is wort checking out for more info about the... Read more
Fire Update
August 27, 2010
Mike Boyd
  It was a little wild here last week.  Fires down low, fires up on top running down into the canyon. Closures, floaters trapped,  a real interesting week. We where going to float down low and chase steelhead 19-21st and changed plans based on the fires around Lockit.... Read more
Steelhead Gods Smile
August 10, 2010
Mike Boyd
 So I was heading home and my truck just decided it should go the long way and next thing I knew I was with my three and a half year old and DRO guide, Matt Carter, on the North Umpqua.  What a shock!  Now I love the Deschutes, don't get me wrong, but the North Ump has to be one... Read more
What to do off the River....Rock Out!
June 25, 2010
Mike Boyd
 The beauty with Central Oregon is not only the massive and multiple decisions of where and what to fish for ( we are obviously bias to the crown jewel the Lower "D", but there are others). The list is a long one, there are guide books dedicated to the area.  Bend has more... Read more
Limited Entry Lifted Segment 1
May 15, 2010
Mike Boyd
 WOW!  This can make everyone's life a little easier.  It is nice to see the BLM re-evaluated and reversed it.   Here it is verbatim from their own website: "Limited entry dates for Segment 3 and 4 for 2010 are Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning July 1st... Read more
Fishing the Salmon Fly Hatch
May 14, 2010
Mike Boyd
 Super excited to present a "How to Fish the Salmon Fly Hatch " class at Backcountry Fly Shop  Friday May 21 at 6 pm.  Interactive classes and teaching is such a kick. What perfect timing too!  The hatch is just building up down low and by next week it will be... Read more
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Fishing Reports
  • May 27th, 2017
    Mostly sunny
    Temperature: 80 ° F 
    Fishing: Excellent
  • August 3rd, 2015
    Temperature: 85 ° F 
    Fishing: Good
  • May 13th, 2015
    Partly cloudy
    Temperature: 65 ° F 
    Fishing: Great
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