May 13, 2015
Stonefly Hatch UPDATE
Nate Turner
The BIG BUGS are everywhere!

From Warm Springs to Mack's Canyon, fly anglers on the Lower Deschutes are experiencing the thrill of watching fat-bellied redsides sipping, gulping and slashing at adult stoneflies as they flutter to the surface trying to lay eggs.

It is truly the 'egg-laying' phase of the female stonefly's adult lifecycle that whips our fish into the feeding frenzy that produces memories of a lifetime in the minds of fly anglers who brave the steep banks of the Deschutes River.  This recent, cool weather cycle will serve to slow-down the hatch-and-mate progression and send the stoneflies to the protection of the grassy banks until warmer weather returns.  Keep an eye on the forecast and get down here on the next warm, sunny's gonna be good.  Egg-laying females will once again take flight over the water in an attempt to oviposit, or drop their egg sacks, over the water.  Golden stoneflies are especially vulnerable, as they must land on the water's surface in order to oviposit.  Fortunately for hungry Deschutes River redsides, this is the fatal move that puts the stonefly in harm's way....GULP!  Another redside feeds, another stonefly is fed upon, but not before she was able to oviposit and complete her lifecycle.  Commence the 'Lion King' song.....  Lest I digress.

Give us a call, we love to talk fishin!  Unless that is, we're already on the water, deep in the canyon and out of reach from the busy world above.  Deschutes River Outfitters is your locally-owned, family-operated, full-service outfitter specializing in single and multi-day guided fly fishing trips on the Lower Deschutes River.  Feel free to call or email for up-to-date reports from the guys that are on the water every day!  Interested in booking a trip?  We still have a few dates available for the salmonfly hatch and would love to get you down here.

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