Multi-Day Trips

“The fishing gets better as soon as you drop below Trout Creek”. It certainly does, how could the fishing not get better? The pressure drops by probably 90% once you row past the last boat ramp for 30 miles. Less pressure usually means very good things to the flyfisherman.

Even though the fishing is significantly better on our multi-day trips there are other reasons to go as well. Many clients have been so awestricken with the scenery and boat ride through the wildest stretch of the Deschutes they have asked me if I could take them and their spouse on just a float without the fly rods. I can’t do it…go past great fishing spots without sticking a fish or two would be just too hard on my heart.

Besides the great rock formations and the springs and waterfalls in the canyon there is a great boat ride. We go through one class IV rapid called Whitehorse and we go through two class III rapids on this float as well. The river is constantly moving. In fact, this stretch of river drops more gradient than the Colorado River does through the Grand Canyon.

The wildlife is also a calling card on this great trip. With deer, osprey, blue heron, geese, ducks, and golden eagles seen almost daily. We also see cougar, bear, and elk from time to time.

The wildlife, boat ride, and scenery are all great reasons to go on this trip but my favorite reason is the fishing. Because of the class IV rapid this takes out all but the best of oarsmen through this stretch of river. This naturally eliminates a bunch of competition.

The great part of booking a 3 or 4 day trip is that you fish your brains out if you wish. You can fish until dark and wake-up and start fishing again. Most of our clients choose to wait until after breakfast as their odds of catching fish go way up.

What happens on a 3 day Trip
  • We meet in Madras at 8:00 a.m. the morning of the trip • Clients buy an Oregon fishing license if needed
  • We carpool down to Trout Creek Boat Ramp Clients wader up
  • We put everything you need for the day in your boat
  • We put everything else in a dry bag and our bagger takes your sleeping bag and everything else to camp for you
  • We fish until lunch
  • We eat lunch
  • We fish until dinner
  • We pull into a fully outfitted camp with dining, kitchen and spacious sleeping tents
  • Clients have their cocktail of choice and Hor D'oeuvres are waiting
  • We eat dinner
  • Anyone who wishes goes for a little evening fishing
  • We go to sleep on cots in 12x12 tents with 10’ center pole (no groveling)
  • We wake up in the morning to Starbucks coffee that is ready by 6:00 a.m.
  • Eat breakfast about 7:00 a.m.
  • Do it all over again
  • On the third day we pull out at 2:00 p.m.