The Guides

Matt Carter
Is a true Oregonian, who grew up in the Portland area harassing every thing with gills and fins from bass to steelhead at an early age.  Fishing with his Dad all over the state, he stuck his first "redsides" in the Maupin area at the age of 12 and knew he was destined to be on the river full time. Matt started back in the day behind the counter at Deschutes River Outfitters and is now getting close to ten seasons of guiding the Deschutes. He is a savvy, hard working guide who is handy with a dry for trout and equally skilled at finding those elusive steelhead.  He brings passion, a great work ethic and a mind for thinking out of the box to the table.  Matt can be contacted at : or (541)-325-2157

Nate Turner
Born in Western Montana and raised along the banks of the Metolius River in Cental Oregon, Nate has employed his fresh water genetics as a guide on the Lower Deschutes for over a decade. If trout was the gateway drug, steelhead is Nate's life-altering addiction.  Will carp help in his recovery?  Likely not, but stay tuned...
His patient demeanor, easy going style and strong sense of humor are key to ensuring that every guest has a great day on the water.  Nate's ability to gently challenge timid beginners as well as hard-charging, seasoned fly casters alike means that you will be sure to learn something new on your next day in the boat with him.  Contact Nate by calling (503) 804-9926 or email