Winter Steelhead

Winter steelhead…
Winter steelhead…the mere mention of the words conjures images of emerald green waters, wild rivers covered in western hemlock, moss, huge ferns, monstrous Doug fir and dripping rain. You can just about see Bigfoot slipping through the coastal rain forest. Spectacular. This is Northwest steelheading to the core. Soul fishing. Hot chrome fish fresh in from the Pacific, and a chance for some real bruisers.
All this comes with a price though. Winter steelheading is not easy. Dramatic weather systems and constantly changing river levels add to the challenge. Sometimes trying, rainy conditions will test your resolution as well. But for those willing to accept the challenge, the rewards are what steelhead dreams are made of.
Once the Deschutes steelhead season winds down, we start to focus on winter steelhead. This is a not just a job, this is a passion for us. We bring that passion to you every day.
We fish a variety of rivers based on current river levels and preference for fishing style. In the winter it can include classic swing techniques on the Spey rods (the holy grail –swung big winter fish), indicator nymphing and conventional gear if you want to maximize your opportunities. The choice is yours, and we are happy to accommodate your wants and needs.
If you are interest please let us know, we can keep you updated on current river trends and help maximize your bookings. With changing river levels, it is recommended to have a flexible schedule and book consecutive days to help nudge the odds. Bottom line though, if you want to go –go.  If you chase reports you’ll miss “the day”.

One of the primary systems we fish is the North Umpqua, and we do so in conjunction and book with Roe Outfitters.

Winter steelhead is big game fishing. Lots of work with a truly high reward when they come to hand. If you are a steelheader you owe it to yourself to experience real steelheading at it’s finest.

Lunch, and appropriate gear for the day is included. Licensing is not included. For more information feel free to call, we are always happy to talk steelhead!


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Fishing Reports
  • August 5th, 2019
    Temperature: 98 ° F 
    Fishing: Good
  • May 27th, 2017
    Mostly sunny
    Temperature: 80 ° F 
    Fishing: Excellent
  • August 3rd, 2015
    Temperature: 85 ° F 
    Fishing: Good
Stream Flows
  • Flow (cfs): 4020
    Temperature (°F): 50.18
  • Flow (cfs): 4600
    Temperature (°F): 47.12